• How long has GreenApple Campus been providing STEM and STEAM programs?

    Summer 2019 will be our 16th summer of hands on STEM and STEAM programs for kids. Each year we add new programs and new activities.

  • What age groups do you work with?

    GreenApple provides programs for kids ages 4 to 14 years. We have 3 age groups for summer: K to Grade 2, Grades 3 to 5 and Grades 6 to 9. Programs are designed to challenge kids and inspire curiosity to learn more.

  • What kind of STEM programs do you offer?

    Our programs include coding, robotics, 3D Design and Print and modular electronics. The hands on activities have themes of space exploration, invention, innovation with leading edge tools in VR Virtual Reality and AR Augmented Reality.

  • Do you have programs for girls?

    Yes, GreenApple supports girls in STEM through GirlsTech. We offer GirlsTech Robotics, GirlsTech Code and GirlsTech Maker.

  • How many kids are in each summer camps or program?

    We keep our programs small with approximately 8 to 12 kids. Families and kids come to GreenApple excited to participate in hands on STEM activities. We strive to provide a learning environment that is interactive, challenging, and fun with each child feeling successful.

  • Does GreenApple develop custom curriculum or camps?

    GreenApple can work with your school or organization to develop in school or informal learning programs or events, even hackathons.

  • Are there prerequisites for GreenApple Campus programs?

    There are no prerequisites for GreenApple programs. We are happy to answer any questions and assist parents to find the best program for their child.

  • Have additional questions?

    Contact us through the Contact Form on this page.