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Ready to launch your STEM education business or add to your Learning Center? Choose from Curriculum Packs, STEM60 Activity Packs or an extended library of courses. Check out STEM or STEAM Camp Builder Customized For You. GreenApple also develops custom curriculum, workshops or events.

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Powering STEM Education

GreenApple STEM is on the forefront of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education and a leading provider of STEM Education Business Opportunity globally.

The GreenApple STEM mission is twofold:

  • Power STEM + Innovation education business opportunity
  • Empower STEM + Innovation learning proficiency.

GreenApple STEM powers STEM education by providing the platform, curriculum, tools, training and support to deliver STEM and Innovation courses.

Based on more than 16 years of experience, GreenApple STEM courses are designed to empower students of all ages to seize opportunity by becoming STEM proficient.