Hands on programs for kids

GreenApple = STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship programs develop curious investigative thinking, incorporate creativity and invite teamwork and collaboration. We strive to develop future innovators by connecting the dots from STEM to Innovation to Entrepreneurship. Our mission is to empower and inspire the innovators of the future!
Hands on programs for kids

Are your kids future ready?

  • Create with Code

    Coding is the language of the future! Learn to code to create your vision. KidsCode, GameLab, Mobile Apps, VR Virtual Worlds, AR Augmented Reality and Minecraft!

  • Design Build Code with Robotics

    Kids shape the future! From RoboKids to Destination Mars and RoboTournament. We establish the building blocks and engineering that makes robotics so cool. And BattleBots!

  • Design Code Print in MakerLab

    We think with our hands...Ingenious! Innovation and design drive solutions with the MakerLab, CAD, 3D Design.Code.Print and modular electronics.

  • Invent and Innovate

    We inspire problem solving through critical thinking, invention and design. Rube Goldberg would be proud from contraptions cool and extreme to the Innovation Lab. Kids explore in the STEAM Studio.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Connect the dots from STEM to Innovation to Entrepreneurship to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in the StartUp Lab & Innovation Lab.